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The Road to Recovery - Another Successful Story

Ahmed Yousef, PT. Ph.D.

I searched for a very long time to find equipment that could offer my patients immediate pain relief, especially for those who suffer with chronic neck and back pain. Although I attended many good seminars and added knowledge to my skills, none were capable of immediate relief until I attended a course in August 2003, when the procedure I encountered was an instant success.

The Canadian instructor introduced a small device called the “electrical point stimulator.’ He invited members of the audience to come and try the effects of this device. One patient after another, some of them were physicians and others were therapists, all of whom were complaining of chronic shoulder stiffness, neck, or back pain. The outcome was immediate and astonishing.

I returned home with my “magic” instrument, I mean electrical point stimulators to find my daughter lying down in tears with back pain. I used the techniques I had just learned with the stimulator on her back and my daughter was instantly relieved. She was able to stand and walk in no time. It wasn’t more than a few minutes when she said with a big smile, “Now I can go back and complete my shopping.” For more than a week my daughter was thanking me every time we met at the dinner table, and she kept adding more stories about how much better her back was feeling and how good it felt to wake up in the morning without back pain. She also returned to wearing her high heeled shoes without any trouble!

The next morning I took the stimulator to my office. Mr. Collins, my first patient of the day, was talking about his wife’s shoulder stiffness that failed to respond to the medical and traditional physical therapy procedures. Of course, I asked where his wife was. I called her and asked permission to try my new instrument on her shoulder. The next day, Mrs. Collins visited my office for this treatment. After two minutes, 50% of her shoulder movement was returned, just like that! She was as stunned as I was when I first saw the instrument at the seminar. That same day, I had a new patient with back and radiating pain to the left leg - Mr. Causey walked into my office with a walker. After I used the stimulator on the affected area he told me that he was no longer experiencing much pain and that 80% of the pain had gone. He was excited that he did not have any use for the walker anymore. A few days later another patient, Mrs. Edge a lady with rheumatoid arthritis, showed me her stiff, hot and painful finger. After a short consultation I advised her that I could take care of her finger in a few seconds, and I did! The pain had disappeared immediately. On the next appointment visit, Mrs. Edge revealed that by the end of that evening the redness and joint swelling had disappeared miraculously.

I do not believe that this stimulator is the answer to every problem, nor can I claim that we can improve every ones’ ailments but what I can say is, my job is so much more fun, easier and successful. I can comfortably say, for the first time in twenty six years that I am able to deliver instant relief to the majority of my patients.

The instructor at the seminar did advise his medical audience that this machine with its techniques would change their practices forever. He was right! I make sure to keep this machine with me everywhere I go.

Scientifically, what is an electrotherapy point simulator?

Scientifically, what is an electrotherapy point simulator?

This is a needless electrotherapy point stimulator that works on several different physiological principles through stimulating meridian neuro-motor centers or points. Many physiological adjustments would immediately occur as a result of using this simulator and help achieve the goals of the treatment. Some of these benefits are:

  • Circulatory response, increasing or decreasing of circulation can benefit the patient in the same manner as the application of heat (vasodilatation) and ice (vasoconstriction).
  • Autonomic/parasympathetic response. The autonomic nervous system covers more than 90% of the body and is the medium for chronic pain. The proper stimulation of parasympathetic gates can have a calming effect on the body, providing the suffering patient immediate and long lasting relief from pain, anxiety and insomnia.
  • Endorphin response, endorphin may be released through the concentrated, low frequency point stimulator. Endorphins are similar to morphine, but are thousands of times stronger and are not harmful to the patient. Stimulation of neural points can excite the pituitary to release endorphins, which release ACTH and hydro-cortisols for tissue repair.
  • Myofascial release. It is known that chronic pain has its origin in neuropathy or functional alterations of the peripheral nerve system. Neuropathy is always caused by muscle contracture and radiculopathy is neuropathy at the spinal root. Relaxing contracted muscles relieves impingement of nerves, reduces the heightened sensitivity of pathways and improves the patient’s range of motion.

The following are just a few of the disorders which can be treated with needle - less acupuncture:

The following are just a few of the disorders which can be treated with needle - less acupuncture:

  • Joint pain due to strain, sprain or arthritis.
  • Joint stiffness, e.g. Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis).
  • Tendonitis.
  • Bursitis.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis.
  • Bell’s Palsy.
  • Facial pain due to TMJ disorder and Headaches.
  • Cervical and lumbar radiculopathy.
  • Polyneuropathy.
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Coccyx pain and injury.
  • Costochondritis.
  • Dupuytren’s Contracture.
  • Earache, (e.g. Tinnitus).

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